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Librans with the power of air element are people with a strong intellect and sharp mind. Pink and Green are their lucky colours, and Friday is their lucky day. Their favourable numbers are 4,6,13,15 and 24.


Libra Traits


Libras are social people. They like to spend time with their friends and enjoy when surrounded by people. They are compassionate people who are polite and cooperate completely with others.


Libra Weakness

One of the weaknesses of Libras is that they are indecisive. The Air element present in them makes them so concerned about other’s feelings that they let others make decisions for them. The opinion of others matters to them so much that even the thought of negative judgment terrifies them. They are sensitive, and this triggers anger in them.


Libra Likes


Planet Venus rules the Libra born people. They like admiration for their charm and to share their things with others. They are also gentle and generally have harmony with others. 


Libra Dislikes


Aloofness and aloneness trouble Libra and they crave good company. Their introvert and extrovert nature go parallel with each other, and it is because of this nature, their behaviour seems contradictory and difficult to understand. They are not comfortable in sharing their feelings with others and avoid conflict thoughts and situations. Violence and injustice irritate them.


Libra Compatibility


 Planet Venus makes Librans fall for beauty. They are most compatible with Aries and Sagittarius. Their soul mate is the one who bridges the gap between their sophisticated exterior and insecure interior. They love the company of those who accept and encourage them to be what they are.

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