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Education Astrology Prediction by Student Birth Chart

Education is the top most priority for parents in today’s times. No matter if you are a parent or an youngster who wants to see what future holds for you, check out our astrological service for education.

Ask a Question

Getting difficulty in school/university admission? Unable to decide which stream is good for you and holds promising future for you. If you are stuck somewhere while deciding on your education and have a question, get support of your Ask a Question service and get instant response with an effective solution that dispels your confusion.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a dream for many. Do you want to know if a foreign degree is there in your destiny? What are the countries you need to apply on? What future holds for you? Some are only able to fulfill this. Some have very bright chances to go abroad according to their horoscope but due to the lack of will, they lose out on an opportunity. Consult our astrologer, Sunny Sharma ji who assist you to take informed decision about your next crucial move in your career.

Detailed Education Report

Our most sought service is offering education report that details out on every single aspect of your education and career, enabling you to take informed decisions – choose your education stream wisely, your college wisely and know about the career prospects in different streams of education that are suits well with your planetary positions. This report goes on to suggest  auspicious time to study, easy remedies that help you to concentrate and giving you faster and desirable results.   

Gemstone Consultation

Gemstones are a means to bring desirable and faster results in your lives. Get help from the best gemstone consultant of India, Sunny Sharma ji. He will guide you with what gemstone suits you the best, helping you with good concentration and memory and that make things work in your favour.

Best Pujas for success

There are some mantras and chants that are powerful and highly effective in bring positive results in your education. Our astrologer, Sunny ji will guide you with powerful mantras that are proven to bring success in the endeavours of an individual. The regular chanting with right methodology is a sure way to success.

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