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Let Health Astrology Predictions Guide You to Stay Healthy

Astrology is beneficial in understanding health and personality. It is also a guiding tool for future health predictions. Isn't the saying, 'health is wealth' is accurate and appropriate? Because without a healthy life, you can not avail the benefits of worldly things. A healthy life is also a must for connecting with your inner soul. Thus, health astrology predictions focus on your well-being.

Which House in Astrology is for Health?

Which planet is responsible for health? When an astrologer examines your health astrology chart, he also focuses on the 2nd, 7th, 8th, and 11th houses. It is crucial to connect the acts of planets, their angles, and the influence of another zodiac. Hence, to determine can astrology predict health problems, let's unravel the path of health in astrology.

Mental Health Astrology With Health Astrology Predictions

As per Vedic astrology, Moon denotes the mind, whereas Mercury connects with logic and intellect, and Jupiter is the planet for maturity and wisdom. Therefore, there are strong chances of mental illness when any of these planets or the 5th house are afflicted.


When Moon is in conjunction with Saturn, then it stimulates fear and anxiety

Moon in conjunction with south node Ketu affects our subconscious thinking

If Ashlesha Nakshatra falls in the Moon's sign of cancer, then it causes emotional turbulence

Disease Prediction By Horoscope

Health forecast astrology can predict sickness and its nature. For doing so, an astrologer focuses mainly on the following areas:

The lord planet

The house of the lord planet and its influence on the native

A thorough examination of Moon, ascendant, 6th and 8th house

The current transit, if any

How Ask a Question can Help you?

Ask a question is a unique tool developed by Sunny Sharma Ji's expert astrologer. This facility aims to answer your health query through a trusted astrology mechanism that he developed over the years with his experience.

Consequently, the health astrology predictions answer how astrology can improve health. 

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